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Advanced Battery Technology Innovation USA 2023

| Driving The Future Of Vehicle Electrification

Welcome to the xEV Advanced Battery Technology Innovation Summit USA, 2023!

Following the tremendous success of last years show, we are delighted to invite you back to North America’s premier gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and experts at the forefront of electric vehicle battery system and electric vehicle battery cell technology innovation. The summit is the most unique and revered platform in the event circuit, to explore and showcase the latest advancements, emerging innovations, and breakthroughs in the rapidly evolving world of xEV batteries. With attendance from every NA vehicle manufacture as well as European majors, the show fosters a personable networking opportunity like no other.

With the global shift towards sustainable transportation, the importance of advancing battery technologies for xEVs cannot be overstated. The xEV Advanced Battery Technology Innovation Summit USA brings together over 500 engineers, thought leaders and visionaries to share insights, exchange knowledge, and drive collaboration in key areas of innovation.

For over a decade WeAutomotive Group have organized the industries leading and largest, technical conferences and exhibitions covering vehicle electrification, where Chief Battery Technologists from OEMs across the world, leading suppliers and manufacturing experts, address the latest challenges, learning objectives and technologies shaping next generation vehicle capabilities.

Discover the latest developments in advanced battery cell technologies, including next-generation chemistries, improved energy densities, extended battery life, and enhanced safety measures. Gain insights into cutting-edge research and breakthroughs that are shaping the future of xEV battery cells.

Delve into the sustainable practices and circular economy models transforming the xEV battery industry. Understand how innovative approaches to battery recycling, second-life applications, and environmentally conscious manufacturing are contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Join us at the xEV Advanced Battery Technology Innovation Summit USA 2023, to network with industry peers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and explore collaborative opportunities that will drive the next wave of innovation in the xEV battery ecosystem.

DAY 1 | Battery Thermal Management

Addressing these challenges is critical to advancing the state of EV battery thermal management and improving the overall performance, safety, and sustainability of electric vehicles. Researchers, engineers, and manufacturers are continually working on innovative solutions to overcome these obstacles and accelerate the adoption of electric mobility.

Energy Density: EVs demand high-energy-density batteries for extended driving ranges. However, increasing energy density often generates more heat during charging and discharging, necessitating innovative thermal solutions to dissipate heat without compromising safety or efficiency.

Fast Charging: As EVs move towards faster charging capabilities, managing the heat generated during rapid charging becomes critical. Ensuring that batteries can withstand fast charging without overheating or degrading is a significant challenge.

Battery Safety: Preventing thermal runaway and thermal events, such as fires or explosions, is paramount. Developing materials and systems that enhance battery safety, especially in highstress situations, is an ongoing concern.

Cost-Effectiveness: Implementing efficient thermal management systems while keeping costs down is a continuous challenge. Affordable solutions are essential to make EVs more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

Packaging Constraints: EVs have limited space available for battery packs. Designing thermal management systems that fit within the packaging constraints while maximizing efficiency is a complex problem.

Environmental Impact: Sustainable materials and practices are increasingly important in EV battery thermal management. Developing ecofriendly cooling fluids and insulation materials is a challenge to minimize the environmental impact of EVs.

Longevity: Extending the lifespan of EV batteries is crucial for reducing the total cost of ownership. Thermal management strategies that minimize battery degradation over time are in high demand.

Extreme Operating Conditions: EVs are used in a wide range of climates, from extreme cold to scorching heat. Creating thermal management systems that can handle these diverse conditions without compromising performance is a persistent challenge.

Integration with Vehicle Systems: Ensuring seamless integration of thermal management systems with the broader vehicle architecture, including power electronics and climate control, requires innovative engineering solutions.

DAY 2 | Battery Cells & Systems Technologies

In the realm of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, safety has taken center stage, with an unwavering commitment to lowering battery costs while simultaneously enhancing energy density and rapid charging capabilities. As battery technology and cell chemistries continue to evolve, OEMs are laser-focused on realizing these objectives. They are actively seeking technologies that not only ensure safety but also drive efficiency, competitiveness in cost, sustainability, and deliver higher energy densities compared to previous standards.

  • The Trade-off Between Battery Cost, Safety, Energy Density & Performance
  • Improving Battery Safety & Preventing Thermal Runaway
  • Optimizing Battery Management Systems
  • Increasing Precision & Accuracy of Energy, Temperature & Safety Prediction
  • How BMS Is Keeping Up With Evolving Cell Technology
  • Designing Better Battery Packs
  • The Commercialised Application Of Wireless BMS Solutions
  • How BMS Will Keep Up With Evolving Cell Technology
  • Future Battery Packs & Design Trends
  • Solid-State
  • Latest Methodologies In Battery Testing
  • Battery Technologies & Pack Designs That Enable Fast Charging
  • Assessing Future Chemistries & Technologies That Promise High Energy Density
  • Battery Recycling & Battery Supply

| Who Is Attending

Alelion, Amazon, Andreas Stihl, Automotive Cells Company, AVL, Banner Batterien Oesterreich, BMZ, BrightVolt, Caterpillar, Cellforce, China Euro Vehicle Technology, Clarios, CUSTOMCELLS, Daimler, East Penn, ENOVIX, Exide Technologies, EVE, EVONOMY Group, Factorial Energy, Farasis Energy, Ford, Forsee Power, FREYR, General Motors, GS Yuasa, Hankook, Hino Motors, Hitachi, Honda, HOPPECKE Batterien, Hyundai, InoBat Auto, KTM, LG Energy Solutions, Litens Automotive, Log9, Lotus, LytEn, MAGNA STEYR, MAHLE, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Natrion, NingDe Amperex Technology, Nissan, Northvolt, Nyobolt, Panasonic, Porsche, QuantumScape, Renata, Renault, Rimac Automobili, Robert Bosch, Rolls Royce, SAFT, Sakuu, Samsung SDI, Scania, Sebang Global Battery, Siemens Mobility, Sion Power, Sionic Energy, SK, Skeleton Technologies, Solid Power, Stellantis, StoreDot, Toshiba, Toyota, Traton, Volkswagen, Volvo, Yanmar, Zeta Energy & more.

| Past Attendees

Chief Engineer – Battery Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles, Chief Engineer, Electrified Propulsion System, Chief Engineer, Electrical System, Head, EV Engineering Systems, Head of Vehicle Electrification Technology, Head of Hybrid and EV Battery System, Chief Scientist, Energy and Systems, Head of Vehicle Architecture, Head of Systems and Control Engineering, Electrification Project Engineer, Head of Research, Materials and Manufacturing, Group Product Director Hybrid and Electric Systems, Lead Engineer, Electrical Systems Engineering, Lead Engineer, Electrified Powertrain, Head of Body Structures / Body in White, Battery Electric Vehicle Global Lead Engineer, Global Battery Systems Engineering, Battery Research Engineer, Technical Manager – Innovation Management, Chief Engineer & Technical Leader – Energy Storage & Systems

| Exhibitor Categories

Battery Thermal Management

Battery Design & Integration

Battery Management & Battery Intelligence

Battery Management Systems

Battery Safety

Battery Cooling Plates

Battery Components

Battery Pack Assembly / Integrator

Adhesives, Sealing & Bonding

BEV Architectures

Material Suppliers

Joining Technologies & Solutions

Battery Pack Design & Material

Battery Assembly

Battery Materials

Powder Coatings

Cabling & Connectors

Cells & system

Battery Applications

Battery Manufacturers

Battery Components

Battery Assembly

Sustainable Lightweight Solutions

Battery Second Life Opportunities

Beyond Li-ion

Solid-State Batteries

Testing Solutions

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives &Tapes

Battery Manufacturing

Renewable Energy Systems

Simulation & Modelling

Recycling Li-ion Batteries

Battery Charging / Fast Charging 

Battery Components

Gap Fillers

Electrification of The Off-Road Vehicle Market

Battery & Fuel Cell Development

Electric Systems Development

Advanced Engineering

Technology Solutions

Advanced Lightweight Structures

Dispensing Systems & Robots

Liquid Systems

Sealing Systems

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